Bangkok, Thailand: Round 1 (Experiencing Thai New Year).

After arriving at Bangkok airport we got the metro and then had to walk a fair distance to our hotel with our huge rucksacks! Which was a fair challenge in the heat. The temperature was definitely a good bit hotter than what we were used to from Dubai, but we made it there eventually and the hotel was lovely, well worth the trek! We had managed to get a really good deal when booking ‘The Rembrandt’ four star hotel and got it for £30 per night through STA Travel. By the time we headed back out for dinner and to explore the local area it was around 8pm, so we made it pretty quick and we were back at the hotel in bed for around 10pm.

In the morning, the buffet breakfast was definitely top of our priorities. We enjoyed lots of food from all different cuisines, the selection was huge! After breakfast, we allowed our food to settle before then using the hotel gym for a quick workout followed by a chill out afternoon on the rooftop pool. We decided to head out when it was SLIGHTLY cooler around 4pm (still over 30degrees!).  Stepping out of the hotel, we hadn’t realised that the 3 days we were in Bangkok for the whole city was celebrating the Thai New Year! The Thai people celebrate this by having a huge 3 day water fight and rubbing chalk over one and other’s faces as a blessing and sign of respect. This meant we could not walk down the street without getting soaked by waterguns and covered in chalk. I actually felt a bit shocked with all the chaos on the streets, every street was so busy, you had to squeeze your way through the crowds and it took ages to get anywhere. At one point we even saw people use a huge firemans hose to spray all the oncoming traffic- including an open top bus, the poor people on it got absolutely pelted!

Bangkok water festival street view

Bangkok water fesitval

It was after experiencing this that I got slightly homesick for the first time later that night. Looking back now, I can’t really explain why but Gavin helped pick me up again as always (he even bought me chocolate) and after a few messages and phone calls home I was soon loving life again. We only had 3 days in Bangkok before our flight to Hanoi, and knew we were coming back to the city again aswell (probably in not as nice a hotel) so we made the most of it spent a lot of time sunning ourselves by the rooftop pool and using the gym too!

However, one night we went to the famous rooftop bar of ‘The Bangyan Tree Hotel’. It was absolutely stunning, the views from the top were unreal. I hadn’t expected Bangkok to look so beautiful at night! I would definitely say this was my highlight of Bangkok and recommend it to anyone who visiting there.


Next stop: Hanoi, Vietnam !

Gillian O'Neil

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