GrandMas Hotel, Legian: Bali.

After a long flight we arrived at Grandmas in Legian around 9pm in evening. The receptionist gave us a warm welcome and provided us both with a welcome drink. He then told us all the information about the hotel such as time schedule for breakfast in the mornings, the hotel spa and restaurant location and the wifi passcode for our room. We got the elevator up to the 3rd floor where our room was located and dropped our bags in the room before heading out for a late dinner. The location of Grandmas Legian is very central, with lots of restaurants and shops literally at your feet from the moment you leave the building, so we weren’t short of options for dinner. Legian beach is also only a short 5-10 minute walk down the road from the hotel.

The room we were checked in to was a single bed twin room, with a bed against either wall and small amount of floor space in the middle. Although a small room, it was very cosy and very modernly decorated. The walls were painted pure white and had been kept very clean! The room had a quote on the wall at the top as well and horizontal slit windows underneath which looked out into the gardens of the restaurant in the middle of the complex. This design meant that very little natural light got in through such small windows but if you don’t plan on spending a great deal of time during the day in your room this shouldn’t be an issue. Arriving in the room, we were also provided with a little plate of fresh fruit which had been left on top of the bedside tables. This was a nice touch to arrive to after such a long journey. The room also had tea and coffee making facilities, a mini fridge and a complimentary bottles of water which were replaced daily.

twin bedroom at GrandMas Legian

Bathroom at GrandMasFruit at GrandMaswindow at GrandMas

The following morning we went down for breakfast at the restaurant in the middle of the courtyard. The restaurant itself had a nature and wild feel about it with vines dropped down the walls and various plants and flowers growing in the middle section, you could tell that it was well looked after and maintained. The restaurant was also very well staffed, we were greeted straight l away when walking in and provided with the menu. The staff were extremely attentive and we did not have to wait long for anything. The menu itself had a variety of dishes for us to pick from. This included: eggs benedict, granola, muesli and fruit with yoghurt and your usual American style breakfast or a more traditional Balinese breakfast consisting of rice and noodles. The first morning both Gavin and I went for the eggs benedict, and we definitely were not disappointed with our choice! To start, we were first of served our teas and coffees as well as a fruit platter and a small basket of toast and croissants with butter and jam. When our eggs came, they were well presented, with a poached egg perfectly placed on each muffin top with grilled chicken and spinach lying underneath each and drizzled with hollandaise sauce to top it off. Gavin enjoyed this dish so much that he couldn’t resist having it again for breakfast the second morning of our stay. I decided to change it up a bit a go for the granola, muesli, fruit and yoghurt with honey. Again, I was not disappointed. Another well presented dish, very tasty and a pretty large portion size. Overall, we would rate the restaurant at Grandmas 10/10 for the lovely atmosphere, great service from the staff and most importantly the delicious breakfasts!


Breakfast at GrandMas

The following day we decided to check out the spa facilities at Grandmas and booked ourselves in for a 60 minute traditional Thai massage. Walking into the spa we were again pleasantly greeted by the staff who provided us with a complimentary cold Thai tea while we waited for them to prepare for us. Once we had finished our teas we were shown downstairs by two very pleasant members of staff. Here, there was two chairs and feet basins waiting for us, we took a seat on the chairs and had our feet washed and moisturised while the women chatted away to us, asking how we were and what we were doing with the rest of our day. Both woman spoke English very well and were very friendly. After having our feet washed and dried we were shown into the massage room where the staff gave us a few minutes to get changed and get ourselves comfortable on the massage beds. The rooms had the lights set dim and relaxing music playing in the background which created the perfect setting. The massage itself was also to an excellent standard, with just the right amount of pressure applied throughout. I don’t think my masseuse could of done a better job of relaxing me. After our massages we were given time to get changed and then relax on the couches where we were provided with a plate of fresh water melon slices and hot ginger tea. The whole experience was very relaxed and the staff members were very kind and accommodating, overall providing us with a very enjoyable experience at the spa.

When it came to checking out the following day, the staff kindly asked us how we enjoyed our stay and if we could fill out a quick survey review for them. This shows how much Grandmas hotel value their customer satisfaction. The check out process was quick and easy and the staff even helped to get us a driver to our next destination in Ubud.

Overall, although the rooms at Grandmas may not be the biggest or the most luxurious, they are clean, modern and very well kept. The central location is ideal. The breakfast is delicious. The spa services are wonderful. But most importantly, the standard of service you will receive at this hotel is second to none. Therefore we would highly recommend choosing Grandmas for anyone looking to travel to Legian.

Gavin Cameron

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