Koh Samui, Thailand.

Arriving into Koh Samui from Koh Tao we headed straight for our accommodation at Chaweng beach. We were charged one hundred Baht per person to go two miles down the road which to anyone else might sound cheap but it’s pretty expensive compared to the rest of Thailand. For anyone going to Koh Samui I would recommend emailing their accommodation on the island for a pick up service. It will be much cheaper than the taxis. We had read that Chaweng was the liveliest area and had a lot round about that could keep us busy for the week, we weren’t disappointed.

After checking into our accommodation we took a stroll down the beach to a place called Arc Bar. This is the centre of the action on the beach and the place really had a buzz about it. As we sat there during the night we could hear accents from all over the world including America, Australia and Brazil to name a few. That night we managed to find a place called ‘Cental Festival’. This is the biggest purpose built shopping centre on the island and had a number of tech, cloth and food shops. Gillian and I managed to find a supermarket called ‘Topsmarket’ and it had some of the nicest food we’ve had since being in Asia! We ended up picking out fresh spring rolls and a selection of Sushi for our dinner that night and it cost us the equivalent of four pounds all in. Not bad for sushi ehh?

After a day or two of relaxation at the beach and pool, Gill and I had decided that we wanted to do a day trip to see the elephants. We booked up a tour at the local travel agency and managed to get a deal for 1400 baht per person. This included other stops along the way including a hidden waterfall, private beaches and a mountain top lunch. The following day we were picked up by the tour guide and we headed off straight to the elephant sanctuary. Unbelievably Gillian and I were the only ones that had picked that tour programme on that day, meaning we had our own private tour guide for the day. We arrived at the elephant sanctuary and were shown into the complex and to where we would ride the elephants. This was a lovely experience and I would highly recommend anyone to give it a go. It’s just one of those bucket list items that I believe everyone should try. After this we were given the opportunity to feed and pet the elephants which again was a complete joy and something I know both Gillian and I will never forget.


After this we were taken across the island to a hidden waterfall deep within the island. However, when we got their the waterfall was more like a treacle. The tour guide had forgot to mention that the island hadn’t had rain in weeks and that the waterfall had all but dried up! Anyway, it was still very cool to be that deep in the jungle and see it. Afterwards we had a pretty nerve racking journey up the side of a mountain to get to the restaurant for lunch. The roads on the way up to the restaurant were unbelievably steep and had us hanging on for dear life. However, when we finally made it to the top, the views over the jungle were so cool. This high up there was a lot of low lying cloud which just made the experience so much better. The food that was included in our meal turned out to be really good aswell. We ended up having a four course meal and we’re practically unable to move after it. For the last stop of the day the tour guide took us to a private secluded beach that he knew about and just left us to relax. Just like the rest of the day I asked him how long we had and he said that it was up to me! Another ideal day!


In addition to this day out we had also booked up for Gillian to do horse riding and for me to go quad biking. Being able to do these out in Thailand is far superior than doing it back home first and foremost because of the price. Gillian managed to get a two hour trek for the equivalent of £45 and my one hour quad trek cost £20. Anyone who does these activities will know that back in the UK we could have easily paid twice as much for these. The second reason it’s better is the location. So horse riding back home might mean doing it on a farm somewhere in rainy Scotland. In Thailand Gillian ended up trekking through part of the jungle and then exited out onto a sandy white beach and I was much the same on the quad bike, it’s just far cooler to do it in a completely new location to what your use to.


One day we decided that we would treat ourselves to a massage on the beach. As you walk along Chaweng beach there’s a huge choice of massage huts that all offer the same massage choices, but again you can use this to get yourself a better deal. Gillian went for a coconut oil Thai massage and I got the aloe Vera Thai massage all for 520 baht. Our massages were an hour long and we faced the sea and were so relaxed at the end of it.

We ended up going for another massage a few days later and this was a somewhat different experience… We walked into a massage shop on the street and removed our clothes as you do. The woman told me to take off my shorts and I said that I didn’t have boxers on and that she could just massage me with shorts on, no issue, or so I thought. She insinuated that was normal so I went for it. Shorts off, lay down with a towel over me, start my massage. It gets to a point were the masseuse sits on top of me and starts massaging my bum with coconut oil. Of course at this point I erupt into laughter and then the masseuses starts laughing and Gillian starts laughing and then to top it all off she slaps me in the bum to try get me to be quiet. Was having my doubts about this place at this point. Anyway after this bit the massage was relaxing and the masseuses do try to work on any tight areas you have. For the rest of the day Gillian and I were both totally relaxed to the point where walking about seemed like an effort. Just as well at this point we had a jacuzzi on the balcony to relax in.

Next stop, Koh Phangan for the full moon party!

Gavin Cameron

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