Nha Trang, Vietnam.

Gill and I arrived in Nha Trang at about 6am. We disembarked the bus with the usual swarm of taxi drivers buzzing round us for a fare. Once we arrived we were able to check in nice and early. First thing we did was take a much needed nap since we hadn’t had any sleep on our 10 hour sleeper bus that night. The bus this by far the cheapest way to get around Asia and for us, getting the sleeper one, it also meant that we didn’t have to pay for a nights accommodation aswell!

We woke up just after 10am and decided to explore some of Nha Trang and after have some of our first beach relaxation time. On the beach, it is definitely worth getting some sun-loungers, they only cost about a 1.50GBP each for the full day. Then just to top it all off, get yourself a fresh coconut or ice cold bottle of beer from the ‘looky looky’ guys roaming the beach, these shouldn’t cost much more than a 1GBP each, well worth it!

The next day Gillian and I booked ourself into a day trip to a place called ‘iResort’. We arrived at the pick location at 9am and the bus took us on the ¬†half-hour drive to the hill side resort. As you walk into the resort its a total paradise. Its nestled on the hillside in amongst the trees and away from all the traffic and localneighbourhoods. We climbed up to the peak of the resort where no one else was and were greeted with a manmade waterfall and infinity pool that overlooked Nha Trang city and the surrounding countryside.

The pool temperatures there a similar to that of a hot spa so its important to drink plenty of water! It is roughly 35 degrees out so dehydration can kick in in no time. After this we dumped our bags in the lockers and headed for the mud baths. The idea of going for a bath in mud all sounded pretty daft to me but decided to just give it a try. Ticking things off the bucket list and all that!! I’ll admit that as soon as I got in the bath, it was unbelievably relaxing. The baths are in the shade so they keep nice and cool but as the mud water was poured into the bath, I couldn’t believe how silky smooth the water was. After the bath and a mud free shower, we headed for a small lunch time snack and then spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing between the nine resort pool and waterfalls.

For our last full day in Nha Trang we decided to head down to the beach front since there was a massive selection of bars and restaurants to choose from. We stumbled across a restaurant with its own pool and pool bar with a DJ playing some of our favourite house tunes! So another day lounging by the pool was just what we needed to recover from our mud baths. After the tunes all day we decided that we would head out for a meal and some drinks, we didn’t drink a lot but it obviously was not the best move after being out in the sun all day and cooking in hot mud baths.. since the next morning we both woke up with hangovers! We decided to feel sorry for ourselves by the beach, where we spent the majority of the day before catching our last bus in Vietnam down to Ho Chi Min City.

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