Royal Beach Boutique Resort and Spa: Koh Samui.

For our second trip to Koh Samui, Gavin and I were celebrating the occasion of being together for 3 years. After much deliberation of where to celebrate our anniversary, we eventually chose “Royal Beach Boutique Resort and Spa” located in the Lamai area of Koh Samui.

Upon arriving at Royal Beach Boutique Resort and Spa we were warmly welcomed by a woman behind reception. We signed some check in forms and then were offered to sit in the lobby couches while we waited for our room to be ready. As we waited, we were served a bowl of complimentary coconut ice cream each and very shortly after, shown to our room.

Walking in to the room, we were both very impressed! We had been given the ‘junior jacuzzi suite’. The room itself, was very spacious, with a king size bed in middle, a couch next to the balcony doors and a small table and chairs in the right hand corner.



The bed was decorated with swan folded white towels and scattered with white rose petals, it was nicest made up bed we’ve seen, so much so we didn’t want to use the towels and have to ruin the swan designs.



The bathroom was also a fair size, including a bath tub and two showers, and two wash hand basins. Here we found extra amenities in a little basket near the sink. The basket included soap, shower gel, body lotion, shower caps and cotton buds.




In the room we also had a minibar fridge, a coffee maker and a kettle with complimentary tea and coffee. However, the highlight of the room was definitely the balcony outside which had a jacuzzi, two sun loungers and overlooked straight out into the sea. It was a stunning view!



As soon as we unpacked some of our bags, we got changed into our swimsuits and made our way out to the pool. The hotel pool is reasonably sized, not huge but it makes up for its size by having a swim up beach bar and nice, comfortable sun loungers. We enjoyed chilling here the rest of the afternoon before heading back to the room in the evening when we planned to try our balcony jacuzzi.

For dinner, we thought we would explore the area and try out one of the local restaurants. It is only around a 5 minute walk out of the resort and down to the right of the street before you come to a couple of restaurants, mini markets and travel tourist information shops. When we walked down the streets were pretty empty. We checked out the small selection of restaurants before deciding on a Thai and western style restaurant. During the time we had our meal we were the only people in the whole restaurant. Baring in mind we visited during low-season, in comparison to the area of ‘Chaweng’ on the island (where we had visited the previous week) ‘Lamai’ was deserted. Therefore, with regards to location if you are looking for somewhere with a bit of a buzz around. This is not the place.

After having dinner we walked back along to our room and decided to fill the jacuzzi. After trying various different taps and buttons, we discovered that the hot water wasn’t working and could only fill a jacuzzi with the cold tap. We gave it a go, waited for the jacuzzi to fill, got in… And straight back out! It was freezing and not quite as enjoyable to sit in as what we had imagined. Gavin called reception to report the issue and the women on the phone sent someone down straight away, keeping in mind it was 10 o’clock at night, it was another young girl from reception who was sent down to try and fix it. However, the outcome was just the same for her as it was for us and still no hot water. The girl apologised and told us to try ask again in the morning when they could send for maintenance. She then proceeded to offer us a free airport transfer for our trouble, after paying for and not being able to make use out of the jacuzzi for one of our two nights stay. We both thought this was a bit of a random gesture, and politely declined and we had no plans of heading to the airport. Instead we asked for part reimbursement, to the rate of a standard room instead for the night but she informed us that she was unable to this and to ask again in the morning.

The next morning, after a very comfortable sleep, we made our way across to the restaurant for breakfast. Breakfast was included in the price of our stay here and by far exceeded expectations! As soon as we walked in we were asked if we would like tea, coffee or fruit juice and then provided with a breakfast menu as we sat down. This was the first breakfast menu I have ever had that was interactive. It stated options for which you were circle what starter, main and sides you wished for your breakfast along with any other extra drinks. As we were deciding what breakfast options to circle on our menu, a trio tower stand of food was served to our table. The first layer consisted of 6 pieces of fruit- 2 watermelon, 2 pineapple and 2 dragon fruit. The second level was 4 different type of pastry cakes and first was 2 chicken meat slices and 2 pork and cheese filled sausages. As this was served, the waitress took our circled menus and before we new it she was bringing us even more food. I had chosen scrambled eggs for starter, salad for a side and pancakes with honey as a main course. There was also a small buffet providing yoghurt, muesli, cereal and toast which you could help yourself to at any point.
The food was never ending! After experiencing this exact service both mornings of our stay, I can assure you that the staff at Royal boutique resort will definitely not let you go hungry at breakfast time.


Back to the task of getting some water in the jacuzzi, after breakfast we rolled ourselves up the hill to the reception. Here, we spoke to the manager who directly dealt with our request and sent for the maintenance man to come down and check it out. To our surprise, we were also given vouchers for two complimentary Thai massages in the hotel spa along with 20% off to use on any main courses in the hotel restaurant. Delighted with this outcome, we returned to our room and waited for maintenance man to come. He didn’t take long at all and before we knew it we had a fully working hot water jacuzzi! We spent the remainder of the day relaxing in the jacuzzi and then down to the beach for a cool off in the sea.
At night we thought we would grab dinner in the hotel restaurant and make use of our 20% off voucher. However, we were drawn to a promotional offer on the menu for 3 tapas dishes and a glass of wine for 390 baht (just under £8 each). As it was a promotional offer we were unable to use the discount voucher on of it, but it was still worked out cheaper for us anyway. When the tapas dishes came, they were beautifully presented on a tray with olives, bread and a cold tomato and onion Thai style soup on the side. The tapas dishes appeared very small, but as they were presented in small bowls you actually got more depth in the bowl than what it first appeared to be. We both enjoyed our variety of tapas dishes. The cold soup was very unusual to us at first but the taste definitely grew on us and we both polished off our bowls.


Our overall verdict of the restaurant is that although the full priced la cartel menu is definitely not the cheapest around the area, if you are after good service and great tasting food which is nicely presented (a bit of a luxury in Thailand) then it will tick all the boxes.

As stated before, the hotel also offers a spa. We checked this out after another impressive breakfast on the last day of our stay. We also made use of the fitness center attached to the spa before going in for our for complimentary massages. The fitness centre was not quite so impressive. It is clean and well kept but very small with limited equipment and barely even any floor space to work-out, but again, like most people, if you are here looking to relax then this shouldn’t be an issue and the spa is definitely a more worth-while experience. The complimentary massages we received were of a very high standard. Both the women at the spa were very polite and professional. We were offered Thai tea both before and after our massages and we left feeling very pampered and relaxed.

Overall, we had not experienced this kind of exceptional service many other places throughout Asia. It is for this reason that we are reviewing ‘Royal beach boutique resort and spa’ so highly.

Gillian O'Neil

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