Top 10 Things To Do In Bali.


1. Learn to Surf- 13669010_10153606966157611_3631551708845574828_n

The famous Kuta beach in Bali is known for it’s ideal surfing spot. The boards are cheap to hire and readily available! At almost every spot along the beach there will be someone trying to hire you out boards and /or boarding lessons. There are several big well known surf schools such as “RIP CURL” who will run structured lessons at more a premium price. However, we just opted for a local hire biz on the beach and got a 2 hour lesson for 300,000 IDR (around the equivalent of 15GBP). The lesson itself was good enough for us, the guy covered all the basics before we went out in the sea and surprisingly, it didn’t take us too long to get the hang of once we were out in the water.


2. Dine like the Rich and Famous-


In Bali there is such a vast range of different cuisines. Wherever you go, you will be spoiled for choice. During the two weeks we were there, we ate Italian, Japanese, Balinese, Thai, Western…. we ate a lot ! The other amazing thing about the eating out in Bali is that you can go to some really nice fancy places for really cheap! Most of the fancy resturants tend to be in Seminyak, you also pay slightly more here (compared to the local Bali prices) but it’s still cheap compared to UK prices. For example, a meal at Ku Da Ta (a very fancy Beach Club), cost us around 270,000 IDR each (around 14 GBP). If you compare this to a 14 GBP meal back home, you can probably get a standard chain food Frankie and Benny’s or Nandos for that… if even! And instead we got a beautifully presented, delicious tasting meal, looking out over the beach as the sun set.


3. Watch the Sunset from Single Finns Cliff Top Club-

Single Finns club in Uluwatu is a little bit far out from the main strip of Seminyak (about an hours taxi ride) but the taxi’s are dirt cheap and the journey is definitely worth it! The club is perfectly located on a cliff top edge which over looks the sea and provides some absolutely stunning sunset views. After sunset, you can stay at the club and party all night with a mix of some great house and dance tunes. Single Finn Sundays Sessions are pretty well known and always pretty packed. We went on a Sunday evening just in time for the sun-setting and the whole atmosphere was amazing!


4. Experience Potato Head Beach Club-

If you haven’t already heard about Potato Head Beach Club, you will when you arrive in Bali as it is one of the most popular beach clubs around… and for good reason! The club is perfect for relaxing, enjoying good music and amazing cocktails. It has an infinity pool with a swim up bar, with amazing views over looking the beach- perfect for sunset watching! It is also a great venue for many DJ’s and artists who play here after dusk. We enjoyed it so much that we literally spent the full day here! From 10am till around 7pm!! If you want a cabana down by the pool, you really need to get there early to put your name down for one! We did this as soon as we arrived there at 10am and still didn’t get a cabana until around 2.30pm (that’s how busy it is). There is also a minimum spend in order for you to get a cabana (500,000 IDR / around 30GBP), which is easily done after a couple rounds of cocktails, just make sure you keep a hold of your receipts.


5. Feed the Monkeys at Monkey Forest-

The monkey forest in Ubud is definitely another one for the bucket list. Even after travelling throughout all of Asia, I have never been a place where there are SO many monkeys and where they are all SO fearless. The monkeys here are obviously very used to people. You can actually buy bunches of bananas from stalls throughout the forest and unless you put them straight away hidden in your bag, monkeys will literally climb all over you in order to get them.


6. Watch the Sunrise from Mount Batur-

The Mount Batur Volcano sunrise hike was definitely an unforgettable experience. With a super early 2.30am set off time, 6km hike up the volcano in darkness and then 6km stumbling back downhill through the ashes, it certainly isn’t the most leisurely stroll. But it is good fun all the same and 100% worth it when you get up to the top just in time to watch the sunrise.


7. Do a Yoga Class-

Yoga in Bali is a classic! I knew from the get-go that it was something that I wanted to experience. We did our yoga class at the ‘Yoga Barn’ in Ubud, which had been highly recommended to us. It is hidden round the back of the main road but once you step through it is a huge, relaxing retreat with lots of yogi vibes everywhere! There is also a little raw cafe serving a various of healthy meals and snacks, ideal for post yoga snacks!


8. Get a Candyfloss Cocktail from Char-Char-


Char-Char restaurant and bar in Seminyak was definitely a favourite for us! The atmosphere was great, the food was delicious and the cocktails were some of the best we had ever had. Not too mention the prices were dirt cheap, especially when taking into consideration the quality of service. Definitely recommend checking it out and ordering the humongous candyfloss cocktail- which you can also order in a variety of candyfloss flavours!


9. Catch a Boat to the Gili Islands-

This one was recommended to us by a fellow traveller, as when we first booked Bali we had never even heard of The Gili Islands. However, we were so thankful for the recommendation as we thoroughly enjoyed our time here. There are three separate Gili Islands- Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. We visited Gili Trawangan (the largest island of the 3) and stayed here for 3 days. If your looking for a bit of tranquillity after the beeping taxi horns of Bali, this is the place to escape it all. The islands are so small that there are no vehicles allowed on them- the prime transportation method is via horse and carriage! Gili Trawangan is also known for it’s great backpacker nightlife scene- pretty much a party island by night! Although, it is the pure white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters that really make these islands unforgettable.


10. Snorkel or Scuba Dive the Reefs-

The dives we did here were well organised and very well-priced compared to scuba diving prices elsewhere around the world. Our experience scuba diving here was definitely worth way more than what we paid. The reefs were spectacular and we managed to see a huge variety of sea-life from sharks to little nemo’s and dory’s. Luckily, the sharks were not the scary kind (they were actually more scared of us) and we only saw them for a couple of seconds before they darted off. We also saw turtles for the first time here as well, which you could swim right up to and they didn’t even flinch! After such great experiences, we are definitely sure that scuba diving in Bali isn’t likely to disappoint!

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