Top 10 Things to do in Byron Bay.

From Byron’s beautiful beaches and surroundings to the numerous vibrant health cafe’s and hip bars, there is something to suit everyone’s travel expectations. Whether that be to experience the typical Aussie laid-back lifestyle, get involved in some proper hippie culture, see some stunning views or just to have a fun-filled night out. Byron is definitely worth a visit and was actually one of our favourite stops while traveling up the East Coast. Here’s our 10 things to help you make the most of Byron Bay:


1. Go to the Beach.

The first thing you think of when hear ‘Byron’ is the beach! Of course, the main beach on Byron Bay is the most famous, attracting sunseekers and surfers from all over the world to enjoy the white sandy beach and choppy ocean.


2. Surf.

As mentioned above, the conditions on Byron beach and other surrounding beaches are perfect for surfing. Whether an experienced surfer or just a beginner, surfing at Byron is something worth checking off the bucket list. There are many different board rental places by the main beach, usually ranging in price between $20-$40 for a board. For those less confident,a surf lesson will cost you between $40-$70 depending on the lesson duration and group size.


3. Walk the Lighthouse Trail.

The lighthouse trail is about a 2mile walk up from the main beach at Byron. On the way up you will also pass the Eastern Lookout Point, which stears off to the left and takes you to the most Easternly point of land on Australia! Then after a good few more steps up you will reach the lighthouse and get to see some stunning views over looking the coastline.


4. Go Sea Kayaking with Wild Dolphins.

There are two companies just behind the beach that allow you the opportunity to kayak with the wild dolphins in Byron, and also possibly spot some turtles and whales along the way. ‘Cape Byron Kayaks’ actually guarantee that if you don’t see any Dolphins, whales or turtles, you get to do it again for free! This was the company we choose to do our kayaking with. Cape Byron Kayaks cost $69 per person and you can choose to do the morning (8.30am) or the afternoon kayak (1pm). We choose the 8.30 session and we were out kayaking till about 11am, we saw plenty of dolphins and actually got pretty close to them! Then we ‘kayaked surfed’ back to the beach for some photos, tea, coffee and timtams! 🙂

Visit: Cape Byron Kayaks for more info.


5. Visit Killen Falls.

Killen Falls is about a 20minute drive south of Byron. It’s known as the ‘hidden jewel’ of Ballina Shire, and for a good reason too! A short path through the forest leads you to a lookout point over the top of the waterfall and then you can follow a trail right down to the river and follow the banks back up to the waterfall hole. The waterfall hole is great swimming spot and although the water is a bit cold, it’s very refreshing on a sunny day! There is also a great deal of wildlife to be spotted in the waters- we saw lots of fish in the water and even a turtle sunbathing on the rocks!


6. Go Swimming in Lake Ainsworth (‘Tea-Tree Lake’).

Lake Ainsworth is located about a 25 minute drive south of Byron in an area called Lennox Head. It is also commonly known as ‘Tea-Tree Lake’ due to all the tea tree plants that grown around the waters edges of the lake. This tea tree oil from the plants has then dripped down into the water of the lake, causing it to appear almost orange in color (like tea!)  After a day of soaking in these oily waters, your skin will feel fresh and super soft! This lake also is used this lake for many activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming in and BBQ’ing by. It definitely worth making a trip to and there’s even a caravan park right next to the lake if you fancy staying a night or two!

7. Experience the Night Life.

Byron has a great backpacker nightlife scene. With many bars offering happy hours between 4-7pm, your will manage to suss out the best places for $5 beers, ciders and wines and a few offering $10-$12 cocktails. One of my personal favourite bars is ‘The balcony’ as it has a great atmosphere with a very modern feel, the balcony overlooks the main strip and is a great spot for people watching! They do a great lychee martini during happy hour. If you would rather something a bit more out-there, there is also a silent disco that happens every night on the main beach. A little hippie camper van sets up the rave from the beach car-park, where you can rent the headphones from for $10 and dance the night away to a music channel of your liking.


8. Do a Brewery Tour.

Every Saturday and Sunday Byron Bay Brewery (just in front of the The Arts Factory hostel) offer a free brewery tour starting at 2pm. The tour itself is pretty short, with a brief insight into the history of the brewery and how it started, followed a peek into brewery room as they describe the process of how they make the different types of beer. The best part of the tour however is at the end, when you get to sample all the different types of beer for free!

Visit Byron Bay Brewery for more info.


9. Check out the Local Markets.

Byron Bay’s community market is held every Sunday at Bulter Street Reserve. It offers a very of different food and drink stalls, unique handcrafted goods, new and vintage clothing and various other entertainment stalls such as henna tattooing and palm reading. If you don’t happen to be in Byron on the weekend, and are interested in grabbing some local fresh produce, there is also the local Farmers Market that happens every Thursday from 8-11am.


10. Do a Yoga Class by the Beach.

Waking up first thing to doing a yoga class first thing, with the sun streaming through the glass windows whilst listening to the sound of the ocean outside, definitely is one of the most refreshing ways to start your day! I recommend Wong’s Hatha Yoga class from 8-9.30am (Thurs-Sat) at Beachside Yoga and Massage.

Visit Beachside Yoga & Massage for more info.


I hope this helps you enjoy some of the best bits of Byron, if you have anymore you would like to add to the list please comment and share below ?✌️!

Gillian O'Neil

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